About us

Founded by attorneys with different professional backgrounds and experiences, but with the common will of transforming the relationships between individuals and institutions, our law firm aims to build an innovative model for rendering legal services. We privilege a closer, opener and more humanized relationship with our clients, partners and collaborators, to allow us reaching its singularities and actual needs and interests.

Focused on the assistance of national and foreign companies with their businesses, we act in all areas of Corporate Law, with expertise mainly in the Information Technology, Media & Entertainment, Digital and Infrastructure sectorial markets. Composed by highly qualified professionals with broad market knowledge, our team offers a customized client service that aims to achieve results in an objective, creative and efficient manner.

 We Are

We love what we do! This inspires us to think in different and better ways to perform our work. We want to go beyond quality of services and overcoming problems: we work to create innovative and efficient solutions, promoting a new and transforming dialogue with our clients, partners and collaborators, always in an ethic, respectful, transparent and responsible manner.

We also believe that respecting our colleagues and preserving an enjoyable and pleasant work environment makes a great difference in the results of our services. Looking forward to a constant improvement of individuals and entities, we adopt a more humanized posture in serving our clients, partners and collaborators.


PASSION: We love what we do

INOVATION: We do different and better every day

TRANSPARENCY: We build trust through an honest and open dialogue

COLLABORATION: We share knowledge for better results

QUALITY: We are committed to the highest standards

COMMITMENT: We are part of your project, we are part of your vision